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Best Price Tiletamine hydrochloride CAS: 14176-50-2

23. 2. 2023 - 07:23


Teletamine hydrochloride is a white powdered substance used in block anesthesia and general anesthesia. Teletamine is a separate anesthetic that has a pharmacological effect similar to ketamine.
It can be combined with the supplementary effect of zolazepam, which can enhance the inhibitory effect of teletamine on the central nervous system, prevent convulsions caused by teletamine, enhance the muscle relaxation effect, and shorten the recovery time from anesthesia. This product can quickly relax muscles, cause superficial pain and visceral pain disappear, and does not cause respiratory center depression. It has sedative, analgesic and anesthetic effects.
Chinese name: Tetalamine hydrochloride
Chinese alias: Taleylamine hydrochloride
CAS No:14176-50-2
EINECS number :604-248-6
Molecular formula :C12H18ClNOS
Boiling point :352.6 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash point :352.6 °C at 760 mmHg
Appearance White powder
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Best Price Tiletamine hydrochloride CAS: 14176-50-2

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